Summer Recap 2017

Wharton Women have been up to incredible things during the summer of 2017! Keep reading to find out, in their own words, what they accomplished in their time away from Penn:

Class of 2018

Business Analytics (The Hershey Company): Carson Miller, Hershey, PA

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 10.18.14 PM

This summer I was lucky enough to be able to intern at the sweetest place on earth, The Hershey Company. At Hershey I worked on the business intelligence and analytics team where I was able to learn a tremendous amount about how data can be used to drive business decisions. It was a great hands on experience where I was able to develop a new set of technical skills in building an application for my team to use. Being at a CPG company was an amazing experience and I loved being able to work with such tangible and lovable products. Having the opportunity to learn more about how technology can intersect with businesses gave me a lot to think about in how I can approach future situations when in the workplace.

Sports Business (DICK’S Sporting Goods): Rachel Walter, Pittsburgh, PA


This summer I worked at DICK’S Sporting Goods as a Digital Marketing Intern. While there, I performed market research to develop a strategy and recommendations for the launch of this year’s DICK’S NFL Jersey Report. Right after presenting my recommendations, the campaign was picked up by ESPN—they talked about it on SportsCenter, which is their flagship show, and they posted about it on all of their social media pages. It was really fun to watch fans talk about it on the national level and see my recommendations put into action! Although that was my main project, I also got to help with the social media activations for the Little League World Series and the launch of a new brand called Second Skin. I actually went to the Little League World Series to see it all in real life after my internship was over! Oh, and while I was there this summer, I participated in a community service project and got to meet Mel Blount, a Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame player, which was an amazing experience for a Steelers fan!

Class of 2019

Digital Strategy (EY Advisory Services): Audrey Goldberg, Tel Aviv, Israel


This summer I worked for EY Advisory Services as an analyst in their Digital Strategy Group. This was organized through a program called Birthright Israel Excel Business Experience Program. I was able to research and evaluate digital disruptions in the auto, retail, and telemedicine industries while contributing to the development and implementation of strategies enabling clients to adapt to constantly-changing digital environments. Outside of my internship, Excel provided incredible programming such as traveling to Jerusalem, speaking with Yuval Diski (the former Head of the Shin Bet), and Q&A with a panel consisting of a Palestinian Professor (Nafez Nazzal) and an Israeli Ambassador (Gideon Meir) each sharing their narrative on Jerusalem. I found myself discussing geopolitics of the Middle East over breakfast and the role religion plays in an individual’s identity while walking to work—this environment was so unique in that I got the chance to engage in challenging, stimulating conversation with my peers about tech, religion, politics, security, etc. I’m going to leave Israel having gained long-lasting friendships, experience, perspective, and with more questions than answers. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Finance (Citi): Lydia Chen, New York, NY


This summer I had the incredible opportunity to experience the “city” in two ways: I lived in New York and also interned at Citi within their rotational Sophomore Leadership Program. Over the course of 10 weeks, I immersed myself in Corporate Banking (the bank’s relationship manager), Investment Banking (within the Media & Telecom group), and Treasury and Trade Solutions (which handles cash management for multinational corporations). The internship was the perfect way to learn how finance concepts are applied in the real world, while still gaining a wide breadth of experience to help inform my future career choice. However, my favorite part was making friends with 35 other interns and creating lifelong memories!

Media (NBC Universal): Lea Sunshine Chen, New York, NY


I worked at NBC Universal their Ad Sales Division doing Digital Growth Strategy. It was an amazing experience and I loved the company and my team! I got to work at a company everyone knows, which is super special. I worked on a number of projects such as competitor analysis within different verticals (entertainment, lifestyle, sports, news, etc.). I also did a project on organizational structure internally to see how to best maximize relationships with advertising agencies. Finally, I helped with the Apple News partnerships (NBCU does Apple News’ Ad Sales) in coordinating how to best target potential clients and cater sales strategies for a more high-end, mobile user.

Real Estate (Stolar Capital): Julia Bache, Philadelphia, PA


This summer I worked in real estate at Stolar Capital. I worked on some really cool projects including multifamily and retail acquisitions, as well as multifamily and student housing developments. I conducted a lot of research and analyzed market comps for different projects in markets from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. I gained skills in modeling, underwriting, due diligence, and market research. One of my favorite projects was a multifamily investment project in West Philly. I led the underwriting on this deal and enjoyed going on a site visit! My internship gave me great exposure to the field of real estate investing, and I gained both quantitative and qualitative skills. I also learned more about working in the field of real estate. I was the only woman at the firm, which just goes to show that there aren’t that many women on the investing side of real estate. I hope as Wharton Women we can be the next generation to help break the glass ceiling in the real estate industry!

Product Management (Capital One): Victoria Yuan, Washington, D.C.


This summer, I working at Capital One in Product Management, which is essentially designing new products to make our customers happier! I got to experience the entire product design process, starting with identifying a problem, brainstorming solutions, designing mockups, interviewing customers for their feedback, and presenting my recommendations to senior leadership who have transferred my ideas to a team that will soon launch them.

Social Innovation (Singapore Management University): Tamara Prabakhar, Singapore


Over the summer, I interned at the Lien Centre for Social Innovation in partnership with Singapore Management University that focuses on enhancing the social sector in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. I not only learned about different models of social enterprises but also about the cultural and demographic information comprising the ecosystem that critically defines the issues these businesses aim to alleviate through their innovative services. The most impactful aspect was having the opportunity to visit these different places such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China to witness and experience a way of living governed by different social customs that elucidated the complex diversity, scale, and tangibility of these previously abstracted social matters. In the process, I gained an appreciation for the strong and enriched cultures having climbed mountains, navigated indistinguishable roads, communicated creatively with locals and experimented with local cuisine amongst other challenging, yet exciting adventures. The entire experience was unforgettable, and I look forward to having the opportunity to explore more of the thriving region in the future.

Stanford Pre-MBA Future Leaders Program: Janae Urban, Stanford, CA


I spent five days at Stanford through the Future Leaders Program learning about their MBA program and meeting other college students. We got to experience the academic life of an MBA student by attending classes. Also, we got to go on company visits in the Bay Area to learn more about the career opportunities surrounding Stanford—for example, I visited the Google headquarters! This was a great way to learn more about the MBA education and post-MBA career opportunities.

Wharton International Program: Sruti Suresh, Bangkok, Thailand

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 10.47.25 PM

I went to Bangkok through a Wharton International Program business course. I got to learn more about Thai business through various company visits in Bangkok. I was also exposed to a breadth of Thai culture through the excursions that we went on—during one of them I got to ride an elephant! I really enjoyed my experience with WIP and it was a great way to learn about Thailand’s business environment and culture as well as earn credit towards my degree.

Class of 2020

Marketing (Coca-Cola): Esra Karamanci, London, UK


Over the summer I had the opportunity to work for the marketing department of Coca-Cola European Partners. Some of the tasks that I was given were to test out the potential Christmas advertisements on customers of different ages and countries, work on a project about how to make people think of Coke when presented with the color red and develop the theme “Summer of firsts” for Summer 2018. It was also very interesting to observe how Coca Cola reacted to society’s shift from sugary drinks to zero calorie drinks and the sugar taxes that most countries have begun to implement. Overall this experience proved to me that the misconception that everyone must concentrate in finance to be successful is simply not true.

Venture Capital (Edge Growth): Eugenia Carmona, Cape Town, South Africa


Edge Growth is a fund manager that’s in charge of conducting due diligences for the ASISA fund, one of South Africa’s largest companies. They focus on investing in black-owned businesses that strengthen the supply chain of their investors, which I found particularly interesting and rewarding. During my time in Cape Town, I conducted market research on the Independent Financial Advisory as well as the Short-Term Insurance industries in South Africa. Similarly, I prepared materials to present to the Investment Committee. I highly recommend venture capital to anyone who’s interested in experiencing a smaller community, in making an impact and in evaluating investments.


Written by Julia Bache (W’19), Lydia Chen (W’ 19), Eugenia Carmona Aristeguiet (W’ 20), Margaux Carré (W’ 21),  and Shreya Subramanian (W’ 21).