Senior Spotlight: Samantha Messer

Samantha Messer is a current senior from Randolph, New Jersey studying Finance and Management. She shared with us some takeaways from her time at Penn!


When did you get involved with Wharton Women and what has been the best part about the experience?

I joined Wharton Women during the fall of my freshmen year.  After attending the first GBM and the Freshman Buddies’ meetup, I fell in love with the club’s mission and really liked all the people I met.  From there, I became more involved by first serving on the Dressing for Success committee, then serving as one of the VPs of Corporate Relations, and finally acting as the VP of Philanthropy.  In terms of the best part of my experience, I think it is having the opportunity to work with such an inspiring group of people.  In addition, I really enjoyed the ability to give back to the community, whether it be through hosting a financial literacy conference for high school students or raising awareness for Career Wardrobe.

Biggest challenge as VP of Philanthropy?

I think my biggest challenge centered around balancing how to keep cornerstone events innovative while at the same time not losing the event’s traditions.  This was definitely a challenge that my committee members and I had in the back of our minds, and I think we tackled this by being aware of the kind of activities people enjoyed and turning them into something charitable.

What other clubs/activities are you involved in? How do you balance your time?

I am involved in the Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club, Kite and Key, and served as a TA for a freshman seminar.  I think the biggest aspect of balancing my time is staying organized.  I have detailed lists of action items that need to be completed.  Further, I try to stay on top of my work, as much as possible, by being efficient and keeping to a clear schedule regarding what needs to be completed by when.

What was your summer internship last year? Tell us a little bit more about the experience.

Last summer I worked in Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley and absolutely loved my experience.  I was working on a securitization desk for esoteric debt, and the work was super interesting.  A few things that I really enjoyed about my summer included the level of responsibility afforded interns, the flat organizational structure, and the people!

Post graduation plans?

I am excited to be working in management consulting in New York City!

A day in the life:

9: Wake up

9-12: Do readings for upcoming classes and finish up any assignments

12-4:30: Class

4:30-5: Relax/catch up with friends

5-6: Workout

6-7:  Complete any work for clubs

7-8: Grab dinner with friends

8-10: Usually group meetings for different classes

10-2: Study for classes

Advice for freshman year self?

Enjoy Penn—it is going to be a whirlwind.  Penn is such a magical place, and you should take yourself out of your comfort zone, explore the different resources, and have fun!


Written by Eugenia Carmona Aristeguiet (W’ 20).